Man King Jewellery Company Limited is a name of refinement and sophistication. A manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of fine jewellery, we offer exquisite jewellery pieces made possible by exceptional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. For years, Man King has been dedicated to refining and perfecting its R&D and production skills. By seamlessly implementing its expertise in different aspects, we pride itself for its creation of jewellery that is elegant and stylish, sensuous and sophisticated. Man King offers a highly diversified range of semi-mounting and completed jewellery pieces, including simple-styled items for casual wear, or more elaborated and luxurious jewellery pieces. It develops and launches new designs every year to catch up with the latest trend. The company also works close with customers to create exclusive and unique designs based on customers’ specifications.
Major Product: 
• Jewelry Mounting
• 14K-18K Diamond Jewellery
• 14K-18K Color Stone Jewellery
• 14K-18K Pearl Jewellery 

Shine Bright 

Distribute the energy you feel, the light is the protagonist

with you forever